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Argyrolobium roseum (Cambess.) Jaub. & Spach (Fabaceae) is a pink flowered prostrate herb recorded at about 1500m near Joshimath in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
The species as well as genus are new to eFI.

very nice. has this been or can it be commercialised. seems a good looking ground cover

It is not very common here in Western Himalaya. As far as I now it has not been tried as ground cover.

Wild Plant For ID : Oman : 090314 : AK-14 : Attachments (2). 6 posts by 3 authors.
Wild plant with tiny white flowers and green pods seen on 14/2/13.
It could be a vine.
Kindly help in id.

Oxalis corniculata

Definitely not Oxalis corniculata.

Could it be Trifolium?

Thanks for a possible id. Trifolium looks different to me.

This should be Argyrolobium roseum, identification credit Dr Annette Patzelt.

I agree with you ma’am for Id, it’s matched with Argyrolobium roseum,


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