Dalbergia rubiginosa Roxb. (syn: Amerimnon rubiginosum (Roxb.) Kuntze);
dal-BERG-ee-uh — for Nils & Carl Dahlberg, Swedish botanist and officer, respectively
roo-bij-ih-NO-suh — rusty
Common name: Rusty Dalbergia
India (N) ; Andhra Pradesh ; Goa ; Gujarat ; Karnataka; Kerala ; Madhaya Pradesh ; Maharashtra ; Orissa ; Pondicherry ; Tamil Nadu   (As per ILDIS)


Fabaceae (Faboideae) Fortnight :: Dalbergia rubiginosa :: Anshi Ghat & Siddapur :: DVOCT54 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 7 images.
Dalbergia rubiginosa Roxb.
along Anshi Ghat on February 21, 2012
along Vandane Menasi Road on March 17, 2013


Names of Plants in India :: Dalbergia rubiginosa Roxb.:

dal-BERG-ee-uh — for Nils & Carl Dahlberg, Swedish botanist and officer, respectively … Dave’s Botanary
roo-bij-ih-NO-suh — rusty … Dave’s Botanarycommonly known as: rusty dalbergia • Kannada: ನಯಿ ಬೀಟೆ nayi beete • Marathi: जंगट शिंसवी jangat shinsavi • Odia: କଞ୍ଚନାଇ kanchanai

botanical namesDalbergia rubiginosa Roxb. … synonymsAmerimnon rubiginosum (Roxb.) Kuntze • Dalbergia beddomei Thoth. … POWO

Bibliography / etymology

~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
rusty dalbergia
  • name coined from the scientific name of this species. The epithet rubiginosa = rusty
~~~~~ KANNADA ~~~~~
ನಾಯಿ ಬೀಟೆ naayi beete
  • Many thanks to Dr Mahadeswara Swamy for help with this name … efloraofindia
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
जंगट शिंसवी jangat shinsavi
  • name derived from the scientific name; the epithet rubiginosa = rusty = जंगट jangat; शिंसवी shinsavi = relating to the blackwood tree, a generic name for Dalbergia spp.
~~~~~ ODIA ~~~~~
କଞ୍ଚନାଇ kanchanai
~~~~~ x ~~~~~
Kannada: ನಯಿ ಬೀಟೆ nayi beete.  I think it is  ನಾಯಿ ಬೀಟೆ.  ನಾಯಿ means Dog. In my opinion there is no word like ನಯಿ in Kannada. Please recheck.
English transliteration for ನಾಯಿ and ನಯಿ is the same nayi.

Many thanks … for forwarding the response.
Thanks very much dear … for catching this error.
Indeed there is no word like ನಯ.
ನಾಯ, meaning dog, makes sense.
Thank you very much … will make the correction shortly and the update this post.



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