I have copy pasted these from earlier threads by …    

I hope every one prints them out and keeps them handy by the computer to follow when submitting cases      

This is for the attention of colleagues sending photographs for ID.

1. Subject line should be unique ID (dd+mm+yyyy+initials+post number for the day) followed by the place (preferably city) where the plant was photographed.

2. Exact locality, its altitude should be indicated

3. Habitat where the plant was growing: cultivated, weed of cultivation, wastelands, roadsides, marshy area, aquatic etc.

4. Habit: Tree, shrub, woody climber, herbaceous climberr, annual herb, perennial herb, etc.

5. Aproximate height of the plant

6. Insersion of leaves, whether alternate (one at each point), opposite (two at each point) or whorled (more than two at each point)

7. Aproximate size of middle leaves

8. Flower diameter and length

9. Fruit size 

Although some members may find it difficult to provide all details, but they should try to give maximum possible information. 

For better identification the three photographs accompanying should be : a side view of branch showing clear view of leaves and flowers.; a close up of flower from the side to show bracts, calyx and corolla; a top close up of flower to show stamens and style/s. 

((this is taken from the thread called   Photographs for ID-Please follow the format-Place in subject line by Gurcharanji dated 7 18 2011

and link is efi thread))  and ((  there is another post  of 8 134 11 called — Photographs for ID-Please follow the format-Place in subject line

at url))

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