Ficus anamalayana J.V. Sudhakar & G.V.S. Murthy, Rheedea Vol. 25(1) 01-08 2015;

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Please find attached soft copy of Ficus anamalayana J.V. Sudhakar & G.V.S. Murthy a new species from South India published in Rheedea Journal 25 (1): 01-8. 2015, for your ready reference.
In this article we have also been solved the identy problem of F. albipila (Miq.) King and F. dalhousiae (Miq.) Miq. 

Thanks, … Good to see your wonderful works.

Ficus anamalayana (Moraceae): A new species from South India– J.V. Sudhakar* and G.V.S. Murthy- Rheedea Vol. 25(1) 01-08 2015
Abstract : A new species, Ficus anamalayana J.V. Sudhakar & G.V.S. Murthy belonging to the subgenus Pharmacosycea is described from Anamalais of the Western Ghats. Detailed description, colour photographs, illustrations, phenology, distribution, comparison with allied species, IUCN status etc. are provided.

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