Please suggest if this tree can be identified, without flowers, I am unsure that this belongs to Faboideae only..
Help required for id..
With this I conclude my Fabaceae Fortnight, thanks for giving me extra slot !!

Dalbergia (lanceolaria or panniculata)

Images of Dalbergia lanceolaria & Dalbergia lanceolaria subsp. paniculata & differences between them.

It’s Dalbergia lanceolaria, not var. paniculata,

What is the difference you see here to make it lanceolaria and not paniculata?

Leaflets 9-13, oblong-obovate, pod short, 1-2 seeded …….paniculata
Leaflets 11-15 ovate-oblong pod long, 1-3 seeded………lanceolaria


Tree for ID : Nasik : 30MAR21 : AK-14:
Tree seen with tiny flowers and dried pods.
Probably growing wild.

Dalbergia paniculata

Although images are too small to see much details, I think they are closer to Dalbergia lanceolaria compared to Dalbergia lanceolaria subsp. paniculata

Adding the original images one by one, in case you would like to see the details.
3 high res. images.

Same doubts as expressed by … Clear pictures are needed.

I think more closer to images at Dalbergia lanceolaria

I will try taking more pictures when I visit the place.

Adding more pictures taken recently.

It was looking very different with green foliage.
3 images.

Dalbergia paniculata

Yes, to me too it is Dalbergia paniculata

May I request to check these the following keys as I am unable to decipher from submitted details:

D. lanceolaria subsp. lanceolaria has 11-17 leaflets not turning black when dry, and pink flowers, upper two calyx teeth obtuse lower three acutewhereas D. lanceolaria subsp. paniculata  has 9-13 leaflets turning black when dry, and white flowers, all five calyx teeth acute.

Flower colour in both is variable, otherwise the keys seem correct. You are right details are not seen in these images.
My guess is based on the overall look of the tree from field experience.

I will look for more details whenever I visit that place again and update this post with more images.

Was lucky to see the green pods yesterday.
Due to strong winds, I could not get very clear pictures.

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