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Date: 13th September 2015
Place: Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Ernakulam District, Kerala

Perhaps it is Asplenium caudatum

This is Asplenium falcatum. People might think falcatum is an illegitimate name – but it isn’t, and once again applies to this Afro-Asian species which occurs in both South and north-east India, but is not very common.  See Salgado, E. A. & Fraser-Jenkins, C.R. 2014 (“2013”). The nomenclature, typification and taxonomy of Asplenium polyodon, A. falcatum and confused species, Fern Gaz.19(6): 213-239.





efi thread  The nomenclature, typification and taxonomy of Asplenium falcatum, A. polyodon and confused species (Salgado, A.E. and C.R. Fraser-Jenkins. 2013. Fern Gaz. 19(6):213-239- ABSTRACT Asplenium falcatum lam., described from Sri lanka was a part of linnaeus’ concept of Trichomanes adiantoides l. The taxonomic history of T. adiantoides is outlined, showing that linnaeus had a mixed concept and that the name had subsequently been taken in two different senses by later authors. it is lectotypified here in the sense of the African species known as Asplenium aethiopicum (Burm.f.) Bech. and a proposal to reject the name T. adiantoides and all combinations based on it is being prepared. This is intended to enable the Sri lankan element within T. adiantoides to continue to be known by its well-known name, A. falcatum lam., and the African as A. aethiopicum, which species are outlined further and their ranges in Africa and Asia are given. Although the name A. polyodon G.Forst. had recently been applied to A. falcatum, it is a distinct species confined to Australasia. other related S.E. Asian and Polynesian species are discussed briefly and contrasting diagnostic descriptions are provided to distinguish between the often
confused species, A. polyodon, A. falcatum and A. macrophyllum Sw.
Salgado, A.E. and C.R. Fraser-Jenkins. 2013. The nomenclature, typification and taxonomy of Asplenium falcatum, A. polyodon and confused species. Fern Gaz. 19(6):213-239. (PDF Download Available). Available from: link [accessed Nov 22, 2015].)