Indigofera karnatakana Sanjappa (Syn. Indigofera tenuifolia sensu Wight & Arn.);

Images by Anurag N. Sharma




India (N); Andhra Pradesh ; Gujarat ; Karnataka ; Maharashtra ; Rajasthan ; Tamil Nadu ; Pakistan (N) ; Sri Lanka (N) (as per ILDIS)



ANNOV40/40 Indigofera karnatakana Sanjappa (Please validate) : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (8)
Family: Fabaceae
Date: 22nd November 2015
Place: Bangalore, Karnataka
Habit: Herb
Habitat: Scrub forest, amongst grass on open hill slope
Key (sheet one and two) and description. Synonym is Indigofera tenuifolia Rottler ex Wight & Arn.

Morphology agrees with description but I am little concerned with the pod beak and constrictions between seeds.
Attaching image of a page of the document by Dr Sanjappa in which description and image can be seen.
Thank you for these nice images.
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Thank you very much for the illustration and confirmation sir.

Yes, the pod beak looks different from the illustration. Perhaps only a slight variation?

can you please tell me which publication by Dr Sanajjappa are you quoting from
i mean ii need the citation… i.e. name of the publication year publisher and author,(s)
i take it it would be Dr Sanjappa only

Please see Indigofera page in eFI. The reference is mentioned there after the list of species in India. This document is not available on the net; it is only a hard copy literature and I have a copy of it.

Thanks … I just saw that page about 10 minutes ago and  copied the citation. i am sending the citation to a friend. he will look to see if he can find me a copy to buy. Bookstores sometimes have copies when BSI itself does not. BSI themselves dont have one to sell right now. I had contacted Dr SS Dash himself, he is looking after that dept. many of those vol are no longer i stock at BSI.

by the way your pages are wonderful and complete as always

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