Following members added a large number of images as below:
Tspkumar- 231 images pertaining to 63 species
Bhagyashri Ranade- approx 175-200  images
Surajit Koley – may be around 100 images or more (my estimate)
Dr. Pankaj Kumar- around 20 images or more (my estimate)
Sushant More- around 20 images or more (my estimate) 
Anurag Sharma – around 10 posts
Nadeem Waqif – around 10 images
Nidhan Singh- around 10 images  (my estimate) 
Sandhya Sasidharan – 4 images
In addition a large number of members tried to learn & added a few images like Alka ji, Adittya ji, Anzar ji, Ashwini ji, Bimal ji, Saroj ji, Pravin ji, Ushadi, Nandu ji, Omkar ji, Prashant ji, Prasad ji, Samir ji, Pardeshi ji etc.
In addition a large number of images were added by myself & Dr. D.S.Rawat.
I think we together added around 1000 images approx. in Oct’2015, which I think is quite good being the first month.

A nice beginning in fact.. 

I hope I can be more useful this month !!

Congranctulations to all.  The website in now really looking beautiful and lively where ever images have been uploaded.

I am still learning how to upload the same.  I tried once but failed.

Thanks, …
Just tell me where you are getting stuck up. I will assist you in this matter.
Already more than 20 to 30 members have tried with hardly any failures.

I am also yet to make a begining. Hope to learn it soon.

Thanks, … It is very simple & after inserting a few images, you become an expert yourself.
I think your dream of having family wise, genera wise, species wise listing along with pictures on opening the link will now be fulfilled.

Thanks …I have made a begining, inserting two images of Astragalus grahamianus

Thanks, ..
Well done. Go into edit mode again. Click on first image. From tool bar on the image, click on ‘Wrap on’ to wrap up the image. 
Images should also open in a separate window. For doing so, pl. see complete guidelines at Guidelines- Inserting images

I just tried a couple of pages: Phyllanthus acidus, and Phyllanthus amarus

Hope I am doing it right.

Thanks, … You are doing perfectly all right.

Not only he is posting marvellous images from Western Ghats, but is also the numero uno in Oct’2015 for inserting the images in efi site from efi threads.
I am really impressed not only by his love for nature & Western Ghats, but also to show it to the larger audience in the world.
He is the Hero of the efloraofindia site in Oct’2015.

He has inserted 231 images pertaining to 63 species

It was a fascinating experience that helped me a lot in knowing the unknown. I thank all the members and experts who gave their inputs to resolve the ID of some plants that I was not aware of.

Hearty Congratulations … All your post were unique..

Hearty congrats … I enjoy your posts; almost all of them carry plants new to me, beautiful photography.

Thanks to each one of my friends for the support and encouragement…I am really glad to be associated with .Thanks once again….Looking forward to explore further…!

Congrats … You were already rocking Indian Flora on Facebook

Now you have come to rock efloraofindia. Please continue the good work.

Thanks … It is great to interact with some of the greats of Indian Taxonomy.

well done. wonderful photography and now this. i love it

Thanks … for this wonderful work and dedication..

She has been one of our valuable members, but remained away for a while.
But she has come back now with a bang & inserted approx. 175-200  images.
I find her most savvy as far as inserting images is concerned.
She is the Runner up Hero of the efloraofindia site in Oct’2015.
Thanks, …, for the great comeback.

wonderful to see you back and doing well but the site

Congrats … I have yet to train my hands on image insertion on efloraofindia.

He has been one of our Pillars.
He has inserted may be around 100 images or more (my estimate).
I find him very comfortable as far as inserting images is concerned. In fact, it was his contribution in suggesting as to how to open images in a separate window after inserting.
He is the 2nd Runner up Hero of the efloraofindia site in Oct’2015.
Thanks, …, for your valuable contributions.

Hearty congratulations …, your efforts in eFI inspire me.

Good. work is always a welcome news

Thanks to Surajit ji, Rawat ji, Kumar ji, Bhagyashri ji and Nidhan ji for taking up inserting pictures at efloraofindia site in a big way. With this speed I think most of species pages will have pictures with in a year.

Sorry, forgot to add Anurag ji’s & Pankaj Kumar ji’s name here.

Well Sir, being a member of this wonderful group i’m carrying out my responsibilities.

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