Ceratonia siliqua L.;
India (I) ; Bihar ; Haryana ; Maharashtra ; Punjab; Tamil Nadu ; West Bengal; (as per ILDIS);
Albania; Algeria; Argentina; Balearic Is; Canary Is; Cape Verde; Caribbean-TRP; China; Comoro Is; Corsica; Cyprus; East Aegean Is(Greek); Ethiopia; France-F.E.; Greece; Gruzia; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Italy-F.E.; Jordan; Kenya; Kriti; Lebanon; Libya; Malta; Mauritius; Mexico(North & Central); Morocco; Mozambique; Namibia; New Zealand(North); New Zealand(South); Norfolk I; Peru; Portugal; Reunion; Rodrigues; Sardegna; Sicilia; Sinai; South Africa; Spain-F.E.; Sudan; Syria; Tanzania; Tunisia; Turkey in Asia; United States; Yugoslavia; Zambia; Zimbabwe as per Catalogue of Life;


Plants From Australia 2018:: Ceratonia siliqua-NS April 2020-31 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (5)
This tree was seen planted in Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney, and also in home gardens..
Ceratonia siliqua.. Fabaceae


Ceratonia siliqua : 3 posts by 1 author.
With reference our / site, I am looking for a large plant or tree that provides the (Ceratonia siliqua) Carob, kharnub fruit. this is edible, but not common in India.
It belongs to the Fabaceae (legume) family.

If somebody is aware of it, pl. post.

Please note that the pod is edible and sweet.

Ceratonia siliqua Female (L) Male (R)

I came across this tree (Ceratonia siliqua) at Lalbagh, Bengaluru. 

One is female tree and another is male tree. 
The location of female tree is  12°57’00.0″N 77°35’18.3″E.
The location of male tree is  12°56’60.0″N 77°35’18.3″E
Attaching a slide of this tree prepared by me for your perusal.
1 image.

Very nice compilation .., we are having 1 male Ceratonia siliqua in our farm, Junagadh, Gujarat.

If you know how to propogate female plant then please tell me.


Ceratonia siliqua from Sunnyvale California-GS14092021-3: 3 images.
Ceratonia siliqua, photographed from Sunnyvale, California, 13-10-2010

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