Following members inserted a large number of images on a large number of efi pages as below:
Surajit Koley – around 210 pages including a large number of genera pages
Tspkumar- around 120 pages
Anurag Sharma – around 120 pages
Gurcharan singh- around 100 pages
Bhagyashri Ranade- around 85 pages
Sushant More- around 25 pages
Sandhya Sasidharan – around 17 pages
Vijayasankar Raman- around 9 pages
In total, around 3000 images were inserted in around 1000 efi pages. I think it’s three times compared to Oct’15 images. 
In addition a quite a few members tried to learn & added a few images.

Sorry, missed around 150 pages done by D S Rawat ji.

1000 pages in a month is a good pace. Since, in my view, this activity of inserting images is a major transformation of eFI face. It is attractive and offer a lot of information on generic pages itself.

With this pace, at the end of 2016 we will have all genera and species pages completely illustrated.

However, I believe this task will be completed much earlier by the participation of more members in future.

Well done, everybody except for……….. a few pages i have written to Gargji about ….. love the rest of the pages. will be very useful for many many years

I would also like to contribute this month. Kindly convey which plants to insert.

Thanks, …,  Pl. chose any of the families you are most comfortable with.

He has been one of our Pillars.
He has inserted images in around 210 efi pages including a large number of genera pages, setting a scorching pace for everyone to follow.
It is he who has set insertion of images on sound footing with his design of tabular format, where we can see both the text & images in any size of window without any distortions. He has become a pioneer in this matter.
He is the Hero of the efloraofindia site in Nov.’2015.
Thanks, Surajit ji, for your valuable contributions.

Wonderful efforts Surajit ji. Immense help to eFI readers.

Hearty congrats! Bravo !

Thank you Sir. I have had much leisure time at this end of our academic session and i am happy that i have utilized it for the group site.

Thank you Surajit Ji for leading the way and solving many of the problems in developing the tabular format.

Thank you very much Sir for the kind feedback. I might have been able to do something acceptable to the group but it is also true that I am your avid follower.

Congratulations  Surajit. Sorry, I have not been able to contribute  anything to the immense task ahead.

Thank you very much Sir, it keeps me going. I wish to see pages by you someday when you have sufficient leisure time to spare.

D S Rawat- Runner up Hero of the efloraofindia site in Nov’2015 : 7 posts by 7 authors.

He has been one of our Pillars.
He has inserted images in around 150 pages.
He is not only the top most taxonomists & a great story teller, but also comfortable in editing & inserting images at efi pages.
He is the Runner up Hero of the efloraofindia site in Nov’2015.
Thanks, Rawat ji, for your valuable contributions.

Congrats and many thanks Rawat ji; other than the inserting images, you also are updating the pages with scientific content.

Thanks Rawat Ji, Your contribution cannot be put to words..
Congratulations, and hope for a good time for continuing this much required task..!!
I am earnestly willing to contribute, but being on outstation exam duty will neither allow me spare time nor let me use internet as freely as required. This is going on from November to continue till mid January 2016..

He is all that and a very courteous nice human being besides being a card carrying botanist and taxonomist.
Always a pleasure to interact with Dr. Rawat and to look at his cases. AND Dr Rawat likes to work without fanfare. Thank you Dr Rawat

Thank you … for these nice words.

I am trying to contribute my bits as and when time permits.

TSP Kumar & Anurag N. Sharma- 2nd Runner up Heroes of the efloraofindia site in Nov.’2015 : 14 posts by 9 authors.

Not only they are posting marvellous images from Western Ghats, but are also Runner up in Nov’2015 for inserting the images in efi site from efi threads. Both of them have inserted images on around 120 pages each.
I am really impressed not only by their love for nature & Western Ghats, but also by their willingness to show it to the larger audience in the world.
They are the 2nd Runner up Heroes of the efloraofindia site in Nov’2015.
Thanks for your valuable contributions.

Gladdening !! Hearty congrats to you both: TSP Kumar ji & Anurag !!

Congratulations and many thanks for both tasks … showing new cases and entering the pages…tsp and Anurag

Thank you TSP Kumar Ji and Anurag for your large contributions in posting and in inserting the images. Please keep up this spirit to develop this database.

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