Aconitum violaceum ?

Images by Tapas Chakrabarty (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

Aconitum (Ranunc.) for ID – Panikhere, Kargil, J & K : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (11)

Requesting id.

I hope A. violaceum, finely dissected leaves and flowers suggest

Thanks, …,

But no distribution shown in the area as per CoL and POWO.
But appears to be close as per GBIF– specimen 1 and specimen 2

Aconitum soongaricum (Regel) Stapf ??

I think looks different as per GBIF and do not find any distribution as per POWO

Aconitum chasmanthum Stapf ex Holmes ??

As per keys, Carpels and sepals are glabrous in A. chasmanthum, which is not the case here.

Key to the species of Aconitum in the Kashmir Himalaya are given below from ‘Distribution and Taxonomy of Genus Aconitum in Kashmir: Potent Medicinal Resource of Himalayan Valley‘- Neelofar Jabeen, Mohammad I Kozgar, Ghulam H. Dar Abdul S. Shawl and Samiullah Khan- March 2013 Chiang Mai Journal of Science 40(40):173-186 :
1. +Perennial herbs … 2
1. -Biennial herbs … 3
2. +Bracteoles linear or filiform; upper sepal lurid-purple with soft hairs, boatshaped ———– 5. A. laeve
2. -Bracteoles oblong-lanceolate; upper sepal yellow or white, hirsute,helmet shaped, with linear and sub-acute beak ———– 4. A. moschatum
3. +Carpels 5 … 4
3. -Carpels less than 5, or more than 5 … 7
4. +Inflorescence lax or loose … 5
4. -Inflorescence dense … 6
5. +Upper sepal glabrous———– 6. A. heterophyllum
5. -Upper sepal pubescent———– 3. A. rotundifolium
6. +Carpels and sepals glabrous ———– 8. A. chasmanthum
6. -Carpels and sepals pubescent ———- 1. A. violaceum
7. +Petals and carpels pubescent ———– 7. A. deinorrhizum
7. -Petals and carpels glabrous ———– 2. A. soongaricum

POWO has many distribution errors. I have noticed it many times with regards to plants found in my part of India.

Yes I agree to …

Yes, I agree with you.

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