Following members mainly inserted a large number of images on a large number of efi pages as below:
Bhagyashri Ranade- around 170 pages
Tspkumar- around 65 pages
Surajit Koley – around 50 pages including a number of genera pages
KM Prabhu Kumar- around 10 pages
In total, around 1700 images were inserted in around 550 efi pages. Also around 80 genera pages were also done. However, this is much below that of Nov.’15 when around 3000 images were inserted in around 1000 efi pages by around 8 members. Main setback included leaving of Surajit Koley ji from the group.
Thanks, Bhagyashri ji & TSP Kumar ji for truly making it for Dec.’15.

He has been one of our Pillars.
He has inserted images in around 50 efi pages including a number of genera pages, before he left the group.
It is he who has set insertion of images on sound footing with his design of tabular format, where we can see both the text & images in any size of window without any distortions. He has become a pioneer in this matter.
He is the 2nd Runner Up of the efloraofindia site in Dec.’2015.
Thanks, Surajit ji, for your valuable contributions.

Hearty congrats to Surajit ji.

Agree with Dinesh and gargji

Tspkumar- 1st Runner Up of the efloraofindia site in Dec.’2015 : 8 posts by 8 authors

Not only he is posting marvellous images from Western Ghats, but is also the 1st Runner Up in Dec.’2015 for inserting images on around 65 species pages in efi site from efi threads.
We are really impressed not only by his love for nature & Western Ghats, but also to show it to the larger audience in the world.
He is the 1st Runner Up of the efloraofindia site in Dec.’2015.
Thanks, TSP Kumar ji for the good work.

Hearty congratulations, TSP Kumar ji !!

Thanks everybody….Its indeed an honour to be associated with floral luminaries like you…..Happy NY-2016

Congratulations Kumar Ji..keep up this noble work..

She has been one of our valuable members, but remained away for a while.
But she has come back since last three months with a bang & inserted images in around 170 pages in Dec.’15 alone.
I find her quite savvy as far as inserting images is concerned.
She is the Hero of the efloraofindia site in Dec.’2015.
Thanks, Bhagyashri ji, for your great efforts.

Hearty congratulations Bhagyashri ji.

Congrats Bhagyashri ji. Good to see you active once again.

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