Unknown sp. from Assam KD 02 Dec 15 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)
Attached images are unknown herb from Assam. Please ID the plant. 
Date : 06.11.2015
Location: Assam
Family : Polygalaceae ???? 
Genus & species :  ????
Habitat: Grows wild on hilly area
Habit : Herb

It does look like a Polygala species.

Please check Polygala sp

To me the plant seems to be some species of Cuanotis.

I think you mean to say Cyanotis. I think it is a Polygala species only.

Ok, I will check. At present, it has been only comparative to Polygala Sp. Chathamattom.

it is a polygalaceae member, may be a new species

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