Could the members of the esteemed group provide an identity for this tree? This tree is sporting maroonish leaves at this time of the year and growing on the precipitous slopes of the Shiwaliks behind Chandigarh, exact location is villages Jainti Majri-Gurra-Nagal, Punjab.
A close-up pix of the leaves has also been pasted below for ID facilitation.
3 images.

Can you post a clear picture of the leaves etc. ?

I am pasting 2 more pixs of this tree growing in the Lower Shiwaliks near Chandigarh, and its leaves. Please help identify.

please check, if this tree is Anogeissus latifolia
Though, i am not very sure, as more clear pic of flower/fruit shall help.

Thanks, …  … offered the possibility of the tree being Anogeissus pendula. However, the picture of flowers/fruits is not available as the tree has only these leaves, which I have been observing for the last 45 days. The leaves are of a rustish, copper colour, and seem to me to be on the verge of losing colour and falling off. The tree is growing in the Lower shiwaliks behind Chandigarh, and on slopes mostly.

Yes it seems Anogeissus


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