Bulbophyllum fuscopurpureum Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 5: t. 1651 1851. (syn: Phyllorkis fuscopurpurea (Wight) Kuntze);
India (Nilghiri Hills) as per POWO;
Common name: Tongue Orchid, Yellow-Brown Purple Bulbophyllum

Pseudobulb ovoid, 4.5 x 2 cm, tapering towards apex, ridged, distantly placed. Leaves solitary, 15-20 x 3-3.8 cm, oblong, base acute; petiole 2-2.5 cm long. Flowers 4 or 5, yellowish-pink to darker, in 10-12 cm long sheathed raceme; bracts 12 x 8 mm, ovate, acute, 9-veined; dorsal sepal 1.9 x 0.9 mm, ovate, subacuminate, 7-veined; lateral sepals 32 x 12.5 mm, ovate, lanceolate, acute, keeled, fleshy, 7-veined; petals 17 x 4 mm, at base with a caudate long tail; lip 16 x 7-9 mm, ovate-oblong, subacute, apiculate at apex; side lobes falcately oblong, obtuse; disc channelled.

Flowering and fruiting: April-May
Shola forests
Southern Western Ghats (endemic)
(Attributions -Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi)


It is my pleasure to share few images of Bulbophyllum fuscopurpureum  (Orchidaceae)

Identification courtesy: …

Ref:  http://florakarnataka.ces.iisc.ernet.in/hjcb2/herbsheet.php?id=3188&cat=1

Ref: http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl1.1/record/kew-25947

Ref: https://orchid.unibas.ch/index.php/en/database-search/=10106956 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Epiphytic, Shola forest 

Sighting: Mullaianagiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1700 msl 

Date: 10-02-2016 and 13-02-2016

Amazing clicks, …


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This epiphytic herb was spotted in Baba Budan giri region of Chikmagalur (Karnataka).
Date/Time: 26-01-2014/ 05:50PM
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: herb
Altitude: approx. 4000ft.
Family: Orchidaceae..

Bulbophyllum sp

Could you send some clear photographs of the Bulbophyllum species? It is not matching with the available recorded species. It would be great if … can provide a specimen of this.

This is an interesting Bulbophyllum species. For the first time in this genus (species with single leaf) I am observing simultaneous development of pseudobulb and inflorescence. In fact this phenomenon is quite unusual in the genus Bulbophyllum. But the nature and texture of leaf and pseudobulb at once guide to genus Bulbophyllum. The allied genera like Trias, Mastigion, Ione, Sunipia etc. need to be explored. Apart from Trias, none of the above mentioned allied genera are reported from Karnataka.
As noted by …, a specimen is required for any decisive comment on its identification.

it is Bulbophyllum fuscopurpureum

This is as simple as Bulbophyllum fuscopurpureum…. Very commonly known to give shoot and flower at the same time.

All Trias, Sunipia, Ione etc are now Bulbophyllum and ofcourse Bulbophyllums are well known from Karnataka.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
Sometimes it better to have some patience and wait for the flower to open.


20/02/2021-TSP-471-Bulbophyllum fuscopurpureum: 3 high res. images.
Presenting few images of  Bulbophyllum fuscopurpueum (Orchidaceae)
Habit: Herb
Habitat: Epiphytic, wild, Montane forest
Sighting: Mullaianagiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1700 msl
Date: 12-02-2021

Very nice Bulbophyllum fuscopurpureum and Dendrobium herbaceum.