Need recommendations for plants : 4 posts by 2 authors.
Need the guidance of the knowledgeable members of this group.
Planning to plant native species on our ~20 acre land near Dharwad, North Karnataka, before the monsoon. Land is bare, without much ground cover and with few trees.
Approaching the planting design based on ecological functions primarily (some functions listed below) and additionally their human uses (timber, edible, etc.). 
Will greatly appreciate recommendations for plants based on this list:   
Evergreen woody trees with very wide canopy.
Woody species, deciduous or evergreen, that have fast spreading deep roots. Great if they are also forest legumes.
Native grasses (and also weeds) that are nitrogen fixers or can break clay soil.    
Perennial or evergreen shrubs that are soil builders or soil cultivators.
Shrubs or trees for planting along boundaries.
Shrubs and trees for animal foraging.
Plants for erosion control.
Evergreen shrubs that can be effective hedgerows.
Perennial woody species that are large sources of leaf mulch.
Trees with elasticity that can be effective windbreaks.

Pl. see one of the link, which may be of help:  Native Trees for Urban Spaces

Thank you … for forwarding my post. The list you provided was useful.
Look forward to some good advice to my queries from the members.

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