Acer sikkimense Miq., Arch. Néerl. Sci. Exact. Nat. 2: 481 1867. (syn: Acer griffithii Hort.; Acer hookeri Miq.; Acer hookeri var. orbiculare W.P.Fang & Y.T.Wu; Acer medogense T. Z. Hsu & Z. K. Zhou; Acer sikkimense subsp. hookeri (Miq.) Wesm.; Acer sikkimense f. rufinerve A.E.Murray);
Nepal, N-India (West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Darjeeling), Bhutan, Sikkim, S-Tibet, Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin) as per Catalogue of Life;




  1. John

    Plant in picture is Tetracentron sinense

    Common in West Kameng region of Arunachal Pradesh and other regions of AP