Thank you for all for helping me in the identification many plant species. I have posted my collection of plants in Velugonda hills in, this project is financially supported by UGC. The project was submitted to UGC. After the submission I wish to show the plants to the world. Dear friends I am honoured if you express your opinion. 

Thank you …, the collection has 1350 plants. I can provide you without watermark if you can specify the species. or I will try to go through. To prevent easy utilization without permission by some I made the watermark. 

The plants are grouped order wise in the album.

Thanks, … That’s really a very large single collection.

It will be really nice if you can at least post plants at efi group which are still not available in efi site. You can search in search box of efi site weather a species is already available in it or not. Or you can see the species already available family & genera wise at A—L (families & genera) & M—Z (families & genera)
Pl. post water mark pictures only as we have no issues with that.

Many thanks … for link to your collection; certainly a very big help for those in plant community.

Congrats … for the great work!
This large collection of accurately identified quality images will be of great help to students, researchers and anyone interested in knowing the plants in the region.

Thank you …, I have collected even images of seeds also for many plants. Thank you all for the support.

A wonderful collection and effort to impart knowledge to all the seekers…!!
Congrats … for this achievement …