Arunachal shrub for ID_RKC08_180811:  Habit: Shrub (ca 1 m high)
Loc.: East Kameng district (ca 500 msl), Arunachal Pradesh
Date: July, 2009

I hope this to be Ixora acuminata.
Fruiting plant of the same was uploaded by … a few days back.
efi thread
Pl validate.

This looks like Ixora brachiata Roxb.

To me it does not seem to match either with the images at Ixora brachiata or with Ixora acuminata at

Ixora balakrishnii Deb & Rout. ??

I think difficult to say about Ixora balakrishnii as per GBIF specimens, without high resolution images.

Also see GBIF specimens for Ixora acuminata 

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