Fwd: A tree for identification : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8).

Place: Semi Evergreen Kalenjimale Reserve forest, Vittal, Dakshina Kannada. 

Habit: A medium sized tree of about 10-15 ft high. 
Date: around 15th May

Dysoxylum gotadhora (Buch.-Ham.) Mabb.
Unequal base of leaflets and white hoary petals took me to this species.

To me it looks different from Dysoxylum gotadhora by … at FOI: http://www.flowersofindia.net/catalog/slides/Cup-Calyx%20White%20Cedar.html 

It seems to be Meliosma arnottiana (Wight) Walp. of Sabiaceae

Does not match with images at Meliosma

Pl. check with Dysoxylum malabaricum Bedd. ex C. DC.

I don’t think it matches with Dysoxylum flower images

Here are the fruits of the species of discussion. Attachments (2)

This doesn’t look like Dysoxylum because the petals are hairy within. Doesn’t look Miliosma either due to the same reason
Please check plants in the family Sapindaceae. The fruits suggests that this could be a member of Sapindaceae

Thanks, … Now we can try again in finding the proper Id.

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