I need advice about your lens Tamron 90 macro.
Your tamron 90 macro create excellent picture (of course your skill is good).
Do you use tripod stand while taking picture with this macro usually? because D40 has no facility for Vibration Reduction/Image stabilizer
Another question is what I feel is in my area(Delhi and NCR) most of time its windy and object move frequently.
In case of windy day how do you manage for preventing from defocusing with this lens and camera? Are you able to manage it only by increasing shutter speed since brightness is enough in find day?
Actuallly I am thinking to buy EOS Kiss X2 with following lens.  I
have never used macro lens and currently I use Sony Cybershot DSC-T30. Some time I hold plant softly with finger and take picture. I take picture very closely some time(1cm) because if I take by tele side
EF-S18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS
EF-S60mm F2.8 USM macro
EF-S55-250mm F4-5.6 IS
Im wondering if I should buy Tamron SPAF 90/2.8 Di macro which you have  and Sigma APO 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG instead of EF-S60mm F2.8 USM macro and EF-S55-250mm F4-5.6 IS.
Please advice me what problem have you faced by using tamron 90 and also someone’s advice about using macro lens in windy day.

Sorry for giving gratuitous advice. But I thought I will tell you about my personal experience.

First you have to choose between the two systems: Nokia and Canon. Professional photographers always went for Nikon, but now Canon has caught up. In the digital field Canon has got a small lead. (I have upto now relied on Nikon, though I have only basic cameras and lenses).
Why I am suggesting it is that when you take more lenses, it is much better to stick to either Nikon or canon. Canon has recently come up with good reasonably priced cameras.
If you stick to one brand, then I would sugest that you go for original brand of lenses, and not tamron or Sigma; Nikon has come out with G-series lenses which are reasonlably priced and which have non-mtallic bodies.I have found nikon 70-300 g-series good for general use. I would recommend Nikon 105 instead of Tamron 90. I bought this lens for my daughter (who is a professional photographer who is too busy now with her child), and she has been very happy with it. I have heard that it is difficult to clean up the fungus of Tamron 90, though it is entirely hearsay.
Both Nikon and Canon have VF/IS lenses though they are expensive. Adesh is probably using canon VF 100-400 (he can correct me!), and he has given us some wonderful pictures (of birds).
Kaysat-Satyendra Tiwari is a professional wildlife photographer, and he can also guide you, and yes, correct the above info given by me. 

Im pleased to hear your advice. 
In Japan, Canon and Nikon is accepted by professional photographer (Canon looks being used in more Media), but I think  though Canon has bit more sthrength in digital as you said, Nikon seems to be more recoginized intenationally.   
Why I talk about Tamron & Sigma is , as I studied on web, Tamron 90 macro is accepted by many macro user since its unique soft image. Whereas Sigma 50 macro is famous in excellent sharpness of image.  
Only weak point is speed of Auto focus and model is old which has no VR/IS(Vibration reduction/Image stabilizer) system in this lens.(I heard Canon is fastest in AF speed in digital field) 
Regarding weakness in VR/IS system of these lens,  I can use pentax or olympus camera which has VR/IS in its body. Especially latest model of Pentax camera has VR whch is equivalent to  Nikon/Canon’s lens.  
But i saw on  japanese  website, some are saying  that speed & accuracy of AF as well as VR/IS is not required  when one use macro lens. 
They He says because AF system of any camera cannot make exact forcus as per what one wants and so final adjustment has to be done by manual always. 
Do you(anyone) feel so while you taking photograph of flowers & trees? 
Since its expensive shopping for me, I d like to hear advice from user who  use for same purpose i.e. taking picture of plant in same climate & atmosphere.

I am not a professional photographer and never experienced Canon or Nikon but wish to. During my Ethnobotanical surveys I use 7.2 megapixel digital camera. I have taken over 300,000 pictures from it. Over 33,000 are online at Ecoport and 3000 at Discoverlife.  Remaining pictures are in CG Biodiversity database (offline). Now I am planning to buy new camera but never stop using this digital camera. In my scientific report on Type II Diabetes all +80,000 pictures were taken through this camera.

I agree with you. I have seen your website. Its huge stock of photos! 
I use Sony DSC-T30(its also 7.2 mgp) currently. I always carry it with me even in office.(I take picture during lunch time also) 
I will also not stop using it even after buying Digital SRL same as like you.  
I think role of SRL & compact digital is different. Compact is handy whereas SRL is comparatively heavy , i.e weight of latest body is at least 460gm , but lots of option for expressing the object are there since there are many lenses and facilities which compact does not have.    
Now I want to start seeing the flower & trees from different view.