pls. suggest Suitable Bio Fertilizer : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
I have just brought “Thyrsostachys oliveri” Bamboo attached is snap) for my small garden. I was searching for some nutrition for it. I am confused as there are so many different Bio fertilizers are available.
Can someone pls. suggest which one I should buy. I will prefer online purchase. I thinknitrogen fixing bacteria could be useful for Bamboo.
I want to use it for other plants like Banana as well.

For the query below, e-mailed from Kiran ji for biofertilizing there is no need to purchase online. From the nearest nursery in locality it is possible and easy to get 1) FYM or farmyard manure/compost, 2) vermicompost and 3) which can be collected from home locality is leaf litter. These three are best organic fertilizers for any plantations. And for pot plantations we can also use cocopeat for better water retention and root aeration.