Mahonia oiwakensis Hayata, Icon. Pl. Formosan. 6: 1. 1916. (syn: B. lomariifolia (Takeda) Laferrière);


Mahonia oiwakensis Hayata from California-GSJUNE2016/05 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)

Mahonia oiwakensis Hayata
syn: B. lomariifolia (Takeda) Laferrière
Small tree with dark green pinnate leaves with 12-20 pairs of leaflets; leaflets sessile with 2-9 spines on each side, cuspidate acuminate; flowers yellow in up to 25 cm long raceme with 7-18 fascicles; berry ovoid, bluish to black, 6-8 mm.
Photographed from Sunnyvale, California.

…, really beautiful pictures.


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An ornamental plant seen in the Japanese Tea Garden of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco on 30th Sept,14.

Reminded me of a plant … had posted from the same park.

this is leather leaf mahonia or Mahonia bealei  

spectacular when it flowers with erect whit inflorescence but self seeds

so considered weedy in warm climes (non-native areas since there in foreign lands it does not have its traditional diseases or foes) .

Mahonia is originally from china so naturalized in japan nz and eastern sea board of Australia hence Japanese gardens plant them

but in American temperate to tropics zones it get weedy

We have a lot of other mahonias in Nepal and along Himalayas, search indiatreepix… I remember … had shown a couple with slightly different forms

Mahonia bealei has only 4-6 pairs of less sharper leaflets. This I hope is M. lomariifolia


that’s why you are …

name m. lomarifolia matches the physical forms I remember

thank you for the correct binomial/ diagnosis

Its interesting that the pdf link you sent is a weed buster site….

Thanks for the id. I had seen another smaller potted plant with variegated leaves.

Will try to post that too.


Berberis oiwakensis from Sunnyvale California-GS05072021-6: 3 images.

Berberis oiwakensis (Hayata) Laferr.
Syn: Mahonia lomariifolia Takeda
Photographed from Sunnyvale, California, 21-12-2012