Garden Plant For ID : Srinagar : 13JUN16 : AK-15 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
Cultivated, garden plant seen in the Botanical Garden on 24th Apr,16.

Sorry, I have only one picture.
Couldn’t get closer as it was inside a fenced area.

syringa may be. was it fragrant. even from a distance?

Thanks for the suggested id.
Plant was too far to get any fragrance.
Leaves do not match with the suggested id.
Syringa flowers were also seen by me in the same garden.
Will post it in due course.

Since there are hundreds of varieties and more than a dozen sp of syringa. i wonder how many grow in  India? we cant grow them in this heat.

I hope Syringa persica

Thanks for the id.
… had suggested the same but the leaves looked different to me.
The leaves may be of some other plant?
I had seen Syringa Species in the same garden.
Will post the pictures.

Pl. see the species in India: Syringa
To me leaves look different from those of Syringa persica as per links: