Thanks, …
I think it does not match with images of this species at

Yes its from Botanical Garden

Any idea about its genus please?

Don’t know it! Definitely a Rubiaceae, could be a Gardenia but there’s plenty of cognate genera that look a lot like Gardenias

Tamilnadia uliginosa

Yes matching. Does it have distribution in Pakistan ?

I do not think it matches with images at Tamilnadia uliginosa


Its a 3 m smaal tree..some one sugest on facebook forum that its Atractocarpus fitzalanii but looks different to me in google images.. Kindly confirm its identification


Its a 3 m small tree planted in a botanical garden.. i posted it earlier. the names suggested by some online forms are Atractocarpus fitzalanii or Gardenia lucida but looks different to me in google images.. Kindly confirm its identification

At the outset, my appreciation for  the beautiful  photographs posted.  In my view such photographs showing all aspects of the plant details help easy identification.  Let me try the ID.

Thank you sir. Here is the link where its name is mentioned as Gardenia lucida from a garden of lahore. but when i search this name on net, it look somewhat different to me thats why i am not satisfied with identification.Although the photo present in this link is of the same plant because i also observed this plant in this garden of Lahore and i captured photos from my university campus botanical garden, Lahore. i need its correct identification.
Spring flowers of aquilegia, beaumontia, gardenia and thunbergia

image no 0744 looks like Gardenia resinifera, but the leaves in other images are slightly different from the specimen I have collected

To me does not match with images of either of your mentioned species as per

It does look like a Gardenia to me. Judging by the pictures, the only thing that prevents from saying that it’s probably Gardenia resinifera (=G. lucida) is that the remains of the calyx are a lot shorter and less prominent than the ones I photographed in C India.
Please look at the various species of Rubiaceae that I photographed in Jungle Trees of Central India. I’m attaching one spread.
Sorry I can’t be of more help!
Attachments (1) – 128-129 deekamali + karmari.pdf

Pl. also check observations in efi site at Gardenia resinifera