He is The Pitamah of efloraofin​dia. He has inserted images in around 95 pages in this month. Not only this he has also transferred those images to genera pages for comparative viewing along with correcting Ids, where ever possible.
He is the Hero of the efloraofindia site in this month.
Thanks, Singh ji, for your untiring efforts.

Yes that’s a lot of work. Thank you would not be enough. yet what can i say? that will not sound weird or gushy. proud to know you

Sometimes I imagine, how you guys find time for this….. may be I am too lazy or too distracted….

Congratulations Gurcharan sir……
Hain aur bhi duniya me botanist bade ache, kehte hain ki Gurcharan sir ka hai andaaz-e-bayan aur !!! 😛

Thanks, … Well said. Perfectly true. He is a one man army.

Heartiest Congratulations, respected Sir.
You are spreading the plant knowledge to  masses in India. You have prompted many plant lovers (even non-botanists) to become active explorers, expert photographers and real botanists. People like me (who have love for plants but no knowledge of field taxonomy; I have my specialization in Environmental Plant Physiology) have started exploring their respective areas for plants. You are always our HERO, Sir. You have rightly been given the title of “PITAMAH OF EFLORAINDIA”.  Whenever we start searching for any plant at “Flowers of India” or “efloraindia”, we always get photographs contributed by you.
Thank you, Sir

Not only he is posting marvellous images from Western Ghats, but is also the 1st Runner Up Hero in this month for inserting images on around 65 species pages in efi site from efi threads.
We are really impressed not only by his love for nature & Western Ghats, but also to show it to the larger audience in the world.
Thanks, TSP Kumar ji for the good work.

A very nice and noble work done Kumar Ji..

Congrats and thanks…!!

Thanks Nidhan Singh ji. It has been a pleasure to be associated with all my friends in the efi group.

She is now one of our Pillars. She has inserted images in around 25 pages in this month alone. She is quite savvy as far as inserting images is concerned.
She is the 2nd Runner Up Hero of the efloraofindia site in this month.
Thanks, Bhagyashri ji, for your great efforts.

Following members mainly inserted a large number of images on a number of efi pages as below:

Gurcharan Singh- around 95 pages
TSP Kumar- around 65 pages
Bhagyashri Ranade- around 25 pages
In addition, I was also able to transfer images from these pages on genera pages (except for images by Gurcharan Singh ji) so that comparative position of various species in a genus is available on these pages. Species & genera pages of the following families were also completed in this month by me & Gurcharan Singh ji (some of them already done by me or others): 
  • Asteraceae (Compositae) (around 69 genera completed with 145 species pages so far) 
  • In addition, quality of work has gone up as we are also providing links to the threads from where the images has been taken on the species pages so that members can click on these links & see more images along with full discussions. Also number of images added on species pages has been increased from 4, where ever required/ available.
    Thanks Singh ji, Bhayashri ji & TSP Kumar ji for truly making it for May’16.

    Many thanks Gurcharan ji, TSP Kumar ji and Bhagyashri ji for your selfless efforts; very beneficial to us all.

    Thanks Garg ji and Dinesh ji. I could spare some time this month. Hope to do more in future.