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Can anyone help me identify these leaves 
Photographed at Sindhudurg MH 
On 27th June 2016

I may be far off from fact, but this kind of venation reminded me of Nervilia !!

Thanks … I thought of Nervilia … but it is group of four leaves 
while Nervilia always has single leaf 
… said it can be sprout of some sterculian, i will check when i will visit again

Nirvelia sp

Possibly N.plicata

This is not a very good quality image of Nirvelia plicata from Satish Pande, Mandar Datar’s book on WIld Orchids of Northern Western Ghats
The conspicuous fan like leaf is a characteristic of Nirvelia sp and the placement of leaf on the forest floor is identical to Nirvelia only.
Never seen Begonia integrifolia with so many folds.

But Nervilia always produces single leaf, it is characteristic of genus

 in a picture there are about 4 leaves in group arising from single axis so confusion anyways i will visit the place again and take more pictures
Leaf 1, broadly ovate to cordate, long petiolate; ovary and sepals glabrous

​                                   ​

.66 Nervilia (p. 197)

True …,  I think revisiting would be the best way to clarify …

Leaves in images are very young or can say just opening from buds, more close to some Begonia species. 

Since leaves are immature but covered with stout hairs along veins and seems to be entire along margins in second image chances of Begonia integrifolia Dalzell are higher.

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