It is my pleasure to present few images of Vanilla planifolia  (Orchidaceae 

Habit: Vine 

Habitat: Cultivated, found growing in an abandoned areca garden, proliferating into adjoining wild trees.  

Sighting:  Vanagur, Sakaleshpur, Hassan, Karnataka, fringing evergreen forest, about 1000 msl 

Date: 23-07-2016

Superb again!!!

This is again strange for Vanilla planifolia. The labellum is so shrunken, usually it is longer and protruding outside, sometimes even longer than the petals and sepals. If it is cultivated then it may also be a different species.

Yes this is not planifolia. I need to check the labellum properly. Two species are found in Kerala, walkeriae and wightiana.

Thanks … for your thoughts…. Wondering what sp it could be!…. This was the only vine in that garden growing very vigourously climbing upon the neighbouring trees and overhanging from there. As I said the garden was ill maintained or rather abandoned…!

I think this is not Vanilla planifolia. This is neither V. walkeriae nor V. wightii.

I checked all species found in India and it doesn’t seem to match any!!

The base of the ovary is white which is really not commonly seen!



Epiphyte for ID: 25DEC2016AA : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Identify these Ephiphytic plant
Location: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Altitude:  588 ft.
Date: 25-12-2016
Grown on Neem plant. Leaf less plant.

It could be a species of Vanilla.

its vanilla planifolia

It may be Vanilla aphylla Blume. is it?

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