Himalaya to SE. Tibet as per WCSP;

Hook, f. ; habit and foliage of H. pectinata, but petals pubescent broader than the dorsal sepals gibbously dilated on the outer (lower) margin, spur rather longer than the ovary. H. pectinata, Lindl. Gen. & Sp. Orchid. 341 ; Wall. Cat. 7029 B in part, and C.

TEMPERATE HIMALAYA ; from Simla eastwards, alt. 5-8000 ft. and to 10,000 ft. in Sikkim. KHASIA HILLS, alt. 5-6000 ft.
So similar in a dried state to H. pectinata as to be with difficulty distinguish¬able, and though separated by Lindley, perhaps only a variety. Unfortunately Lindley in describing both species gave Don’s name to the wrong plant, as I have proved by examining Smith’s original specimen of O. pectinata in his Herbarium at the Linnean Society, which is of a very small state.—Black when dry.
(from The Flora of British India by J.D.Hooker (1890) from IBIS Flora on 8.8.16)


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Sharing some pictures of H. intermedia shot at Kakani Nepal on 28 July 2016 at 6000 ft.

Very beautiful pictures but this is not intermedia. This is Habenaria arietina.
Thanks a lot for showing this wonderful plant. I assume it was not in our collection and I know its there in Uttarakhand and Himachal but I never saw it !!!

Thanks, …, for the new species in efi.