Cortia depressa (D. Don) C. Norman, J. Bot. 75: 96 1937. (syn: Athamanta depressa D. Don; Cortia depressa (D. Don) Leute (ambiguous synonym); Cortia lindleyi Wall. ex DC.; Cortia nepalensis C. Norman; Daucus depressus (D. Don) Spreng.; Schulzia lindlei Wall.; Schulzia nepalensis (C. Norman) M. Hiroe);

by Ritu Sharma (Id by Saroj Kumar Kasaju) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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Common name: Prostrate Cortia • Nepali: भुतकेश Bhutkesh

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Place : Suraj Tal.
Id please

Pleurospermum govanianum !

Cortia depressa (D.Don) C.Norman  ???

It looks close to Cortia depressa as per the following:

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