Ziziphus incurva Roxb., Fl. Ind., ed. 1820 2: 364–365 1824. (syn: Ziziphus yunnanensis C.K. Schneid.);
China (Yunnan, S-Guizhou, Guangxi), SE-Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, N-India (Assam, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu), Myanmar [Burma] (Chin, Kachin, Mandalay, Sagaing, Shan), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;
Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand as per Flora of China

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Sharing some pictures of Ziziphus incurva ?? shot on 13 August 2016 on the way to naharkot Nepal at 5000 ft.

I guess this should be a new entry to the efi.

Adding some pictures I guess is ripe fruits !
Chalnakhel, Nepal on 2 November 2016 at 5000 ft.
Nepali names: हाडे वयर Haade Vayar / रजु काँडा Raju Kaadaa
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Really Amazing…


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Enclosing some pictures for  identification .
Location : Godawari Botanical Garden Nepal
Altitude: 5000 ft.

Date: 13 July, 2016

Looks like Rhmanaceae to me.

Could it be Zizyphus oenoplia??

I think it’s not Ziziphus oenopolia 

Ziziphus seems to be okay, but not Z. oenoplia

Thanks, … I think it should also be Ziziphus incurva as per another post by …

Very close to Z. incurva though the this plant was little shorter than the other one. Hence, I guess Z. incurva.

Ziziphus incurva Roxb.

Nepali Names : हाडे बयर Haade Bayar / रजु काँडा Raju Kaandaa 


Ziziphus incurva Roxb. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (10)

Location: Godawari, Nepal
Date: 22 June 2017 
Altitude:5000 ft.


Ziziphus incurva Roxb. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9)- around 600 kb each.
Location: Nagarkot, Nepal  
Date: 11 June 2018
Altitude: 6500 ft.
Habit : Wild


id please:CR170113: Location: Pune University

looks like Zizyphus xylopyrus

I agree with … this is unarmed Zizyphus

This appears to be close to Ziziphus incurva Roxb. as per images and details herein.

Fruit size looking quite big compared to Z. incurva.

I think looking big because of the focus on the fruit.


(2021/May/13 ART 2) Ziziphus sp.?: 8 images.
Date: 2021/May/09

Location: Varathamanathi Dam, Palani, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu
May I know the ID of this plant?  Could it be Ziziphus sp.?

Yes !

Check with Z. rugosa

Checked the references given in EFI website:
As per [ref1], Z. rugosa is woody, armed straggler; thorns stout; branchlets rusty-tomentose; leaves orbicular, broadly elliptic, 8-15 x 5-10 cm, glabrous above, woolly below, obtuse, serrulate, base subcordate.
As per [ref2] Z. rugosa is an armed woody straggler, up to 6m tall.  Leaves orbicular-rotund, 4-6 x 2.5-5 cm, 5-nerved, base cordate, margin serrulate, apex rotund.
In the photos, I couldn’t find thorns, and the leaves don’t seem (to my untrained eyes) woolly below (only [ref1] mentions woolly).  I missed checking for both these details in the field.  The leaves are not 5-nerved (only [ref2] mentions it).
I also checked Z. glabrata, as it is mentioned as unarmed in both the references.
As per [ref1], Z. glabrata is unarmed tree, up to 8m tall; leaves ovate to oblong-elliptic, 4-7 x 2.5-5 cm, glabrous or pubescent on the nerves beneath, obtuse or acute, crenate, base obtuse.
As per [ref2], Z. glabrata is unarmed tree, up to 8m tall; wood brown; branchlets tomentose.  Leaves ovate, elliptic, or elliptic-oblong, 3-7.5 x 2.3-5 cm, glabrous, white woolly-tomentose beneath when young, base obtuse-subcordate, apex acute or crenate, petiole 3-9 mm.
In this case also, I couldn’t make out the pubescent/ tomentose nature from the photos.
Checked a few other Z. species, but they don’t seem to match — in those other species, either the leaves are hairy, or the nerves don’t meet (in Z. caracatta).
I am completely new to all these details, and not sure how to conclude if it is Z. rugosa. 🙂

I think it is Ziziphus incurva Roxb. as per images and details herein and as per comparative images at Ziziphus