Marantochloa purpurea (Ridl.) Milne-Redh., Bull. Soc. Roy. Bot. Belgique 83: 21 1950. (syn: Clinogyne arillata (K.Schum.) K.Schum.; Clinogyne baumannii K.Schum.; Clinogyne purpurea Ridl.; Donax arillata K.Schum.; Donax purpurea (Ridl.) K.Schum.) ?;
Trop. Africa (as per WCSP);

Garden Plant For ID : Kenya : 15AUG16 : AK-14 : 14/14 : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

Cultivated, garden plant seen in July,16.

Zingiberaceae Family?

Indianthus sp. of Marantaceae

Thanks a lot for the suggested id.

From the given clue, I tried searching further.
Could it be Marantochloa purpurea as per this link?
This is just a suggested id.

POWO describes no distribution of  any Marantochloa sp. from Kenya, however it resembles with Marantochloa alba A.C.Ley !

Thanks for the suggested id.
This was a cultivated plant in a resort.

Cultivated plants need not have a distribution in any particular country, is my guess.

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