Commiphora grandifolia Engl., Monogr. Phan. 4: 25 1883. (syn: Amyris agallocha Roxb.; Amyris commiphora Roxb.; Balsamea agallocha Baill.; Balsamea commiphora Engl.; Balsamea commiphora Engl.; Balsamea madagascariensis Engl.; Balsamea roxburghii Engl.; Balsamodendrum agallocha Wight & Arn.; Balsamodendrum commiphora (Roxb.) Royle; Balsamodendrum madagascariense March.; Balsamodendrum roxburghii Arn.; Commiphora agallocha (Roxb.) Engl.; Commiphora laxiflora Baker; Commiphora madagascariensis Jacq.; Commiphora roxburghii var. serratifolia Haines);  
Madagascar, Saudi Arabia (SW-Saudi Arabia: Asir), India (Assam, West Bengal,
Andhra Pradesh (introduced)), Bangladesh
as per Catalogue of Life;



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sold as raktachandan or redsandalwood which i think is not.

Where has it been clicked ? Planted or wild ?

I clicked on my house.. it is sold in a pot from a nursery in Gobardanga, North 24 Parganas (WB)

Seems to be Camphor tree. i had one in my front yard for more than a decade but had never seen reddish stipules. that’s worrying me. otherwise the leaves and the bark of this young plant seems to be the cinnamonium camphora. without crushing what does the plant // leaf small of when you go near it to sniff?

Thanks, …, It does not match with images of Cinnamomum camphora
It also does not seem to be raktachandan i.e. Pterocarpus santalinus

Extrafloral glands on petiole tips are clearly visible there are chances of member of Rosaceae. Most probably an ornamental variety of some species related to Prunus; and plant’s bark is also papery with longitudinal lines. 

so lets see what it develops into and flowers in future. thanks for an intriguing plants

Determined as Commiphora sp.

Commiphora madagascariensis Jacq.

Determined. Thanks to all.

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