The season of great Monsoon’s symphony is almost over…….the sun very gently pushing the cloud aside….. the sky has started gathering them into itself……once again, the blue dazzling sky smiling on the earth…..and the mother earth has taken a pause… a break…. as she finishes one big chores of this year……of feeding one an all including the life giving rivers, ponds, streams…. before gathering all of them into herself…….. Her leafy abundance about to recede but, defying all the quietness & stillness…….. the beautiful flowers of Sonki, Balsum, Cocks Comb, Kastha, Bichua and the most important, of Karvi…….. are exploding with energy, as if wanting to be watched in wonders in Kanheri trail….

कारवी को देख कर किलकारियाँ मारती मधुमक्खियों, फूलों पर झूमती, थिरकती तितलियों, नटखट सरसराते, छू कर निकल जाते हवा के झोंके……..

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” H. D. Thoreau

We invite you all to take a Tree Appreciation Walk with us in Kanheri Caves trail SGNP, Borivali……..

The 75th  walk is on Sunday 11TH September 2016                

 Venue:  Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali

Meeting Point : Please meet us at Nature Information Centre between 7.30 am to 7.45 am….or at 8 o clock at Kanheri Caves point.

Time                  : 8 am

Duration of walk:  2 hours

Please buy your ticket which is Rs.44/- per head. Car ticket is approximately Rs 100. 

Most Important: 

1. Kanheri Caves Trail is not a restricted area. It is about 8 km inside the park from the main gate. 

2. Please register with us before 9th Sept. 

3. Its not possible for us to arrange for the vehicle from gate to Kanheri Caves Trail, please make your own arrangements to reach there which is just 8 km from the main gate. You may contact Santosh Driver no.09833888026 for vehicle from NIC to Kanheri Caves…for return you will get BEST buses or SGNP’s own busses.

4.Or whatsap  

        Myself[Renee] & Dr Usha are available on whatassp on the following number do send a message if you need any help….pls as far as possible do not call….only Whatapp messages…inform both. On 11th Sep morning we may not be able to take any phone calls or message as both of us conduct the tree walk, also do not get the signal.

Renee    :…     Usha      : …. 

Very Important : Please Don’t be late, specially those who are coming for the 1st time for the trail in the park & not familiar with the area….there will be other groups also for their walks and it will be very difficult to locate us once we leave for Kanheri Caves Trail. Also the que for tickets will be very long so do come by 7 .15 am

And as you all are aware that in forest we have to follow certain Do’s & Don’ts……..Here are some…. 

a)     Please wear dull cloths only……preferably dark green, brown, black.

b)    No plastics bags or wrappers…..carry food or snacks in boxes which you carry back home. 

c)   Carry Odomos or any mosquito repellent, drinking water. 

f)    Have proper  rain wear & good  shoes. 

g]  Stay with the group. 

h] Each one responsible for their own safety . 

I] Take nothing from nature.

    Leave nothing behind except your footprints.

   Take lots of pictures and memories. 

Park gate opens at 7.30 am.

List of the trees which we are planning to show is attached here with. 

Hope to see you all, 


TAW Team

Thanks, …, for continuing the journey