Albizia chinensis ?;

Albizia amara:  No images seen now.

Is it Albizia amara

Large tree, Height 20-30 m

Habitat :semi evergreen forest

At Phansad WLS,Maharshtra


This is not Albizia amara.
Either A.chinensis or A. julibrism.

this is not A. amara. The stipules are large which point towards A. chinensis; also the heads are in panicles.


MS 2016 – 09 / 1 – ID of a tree : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

I shall be thankful if  this tree can be identified. The photograph was taken in Chennai (10 years ago). This was the only one specimen seen in Chennai as far as my knowledge goes.

To me it appears closer to Albizia chinensis as per comparative images at Albizia


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