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Sharing some pictures shot on the way to Khardung La on 22 august 2014 at around 15000 ft.

A difficult task unless somebody is well acquainted with the flora in different seasons.
The reddish thing visible in the picture is a rosette of leaves which may be of some species of Saxifraga or may be not.
Cottony white leaves may be of any Asteraceae member.
And reddish rosette and cottony leaves are not the same plant.
May be some one having expertise in flora of Khardung La may have a better idea.

These images are difficult to name.
Within the overall “clump” of vegetation, I can say with confidence that there is a single plant of the Primula macrophylla complex which I have recently posted for example found in Ladalh are likely to be P.meeboldii (though this name has yet to be formally published by Prof. Arve Elvebakk, Norway) – which is to the left of the photo less close-up (does not appear in the close-up shot).  There are a number plants with leaves with whitish hairs which I am speculating might prove to be a Saussurea?  As for the one or two other species amongst the ‘clump’, I am at present unsure.
But I suspect it is the ‘reddish’ plant, prominent in the close-up image, which has caught the eye. This is puzzling me at present. Appears quite distinctive.

Would be pleased if anyone has other suggestions.  Can be hard when there are no flowers or fruit to help!  If pressed specimens of such plants were collected and deposited in a herbarium, in all probability the staff would discard them as STERILE specimens i.e. no flowers or fruits, as unless they happen to have someone particularly knowledgeable on the flora where the specimens were collected, they would say there were NOT in a position to name the material – it being too time consuming to try.