Nepeta bombaiensis Dalzell, Bombay Fl. 209 1861. (syn: Glechoma bombaiensis (Dalzell) Kuntze);

Nepeta bombayensis images from Nasik for sharing and validation, please validate

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Nepeta hindostana is correct, I am afraid I’ve not seen N. bombayensis.



attaching cropped flower images of N hindostana and N bombayensis for validation. please validate.  Attachments (2)

This should be Nepeta bombaiensis Dalzell, plant seems to be covered with long hairs not pubescent, also calyx is somewhat longer. In Flora of Nashik N. bombaeinsis and N. hindostana have been compiled as synonyms. Both species are too similar to make difficult to identify on the basis of photographs.
Based on Flora of Maharashtra State Volume II,  N. bombaeinsis and N. hindostana 
var. woodrowii are much similar, where first one has been reported Endemic to Junnar (Pune) and second one is common along Maharashtra.