Viola riviniana Rchb., Iconogr. Bot. Pl. Crit. 1: 81 1823. (syn: Viola riviniana var. minor (Murbeck ex E.S. Gregory) Valentine; Viola riviniana f. prolifera Valentine; Viola riviniana f. sobolifera Valentine; Viola sylvestris Lam.; Viola sylvestris subsp. riviniana (Rchb.) W.D.J. Koch) ?;

Plant for ID :: Zurich, CH :: EU-ARKOCT18 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (8)
Another one found on the Rhine riverbank near Zurich, Switzerland. Pics were taken in April 2016
Requested to please provide ID.

Its a Viola sp.

Not sure exactly which violet it is, but looks like Common Dog Violet (Viola riviniana), see

OK … Please have other member opinion also !


SK 3416 21 April 2022: 6 very high res. images.

Location: Gorran Haven, St. Austell, UK
Altitude: 43m.
Date: 02 April 2022

Habit : Wild 

Viola odorata L. ??

Violets are not easy.

Id involves checking the shape of the sepals.
I do not think this is Viola odorata.
I believe it is Viola riviniana the common dog-violet,