Androsace sarementosa for validation:  Androsace sarementosa perhaps, family primulaceae

growing wild in the darjeeling botanical garden and elsewhere in the town
photographed in the first week of april

I hope a member of Boragnaceae, perhaps Myosotis sp.

I do not know either of these two genera. However, i give my search result –

I think it may be Myosotis alpestris subsp. alpestris & as per
Sorry. On further examination, I feel it should be Myosotis laxa subsp. caespitosa (Schultz) Hyl. ex Nordh.

thank you for this new information. will read up surely

Once again although no close-ups it is clear there are spreading hairs on the calyces, ruling out Myosotis laxa subsp. caespitosa
Does not fit M.stricta/refracta.
Flowers larger ruling out M.arvensis I think and foliage not fitting M.asiatica – thus leaving M.sylvatica as the most likely but if a cultivated plant then could be other species or some of hybrid.
Given no close-ups or fruit characteristics one has to be more speculative.

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