Luffa graveolens Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832 3: 716 1832.;


This cucurbit was seen along cultivated fields in Pantnagar area. Identified as Luffa graveolens Roxb., it also resemble to L. saccata, a new Australian species published by Telford et al. (2011) in Phytokeys. Kew herbarium has a specimen named as L. graveolens ( but so are the specimens of L.saccata ( (obviously, their identification is yet not corrected).
Fruits in L. graveolens are characteristically black while in L. saccata fruits are brownish.
This species is not represented in eFI.
Google search yield no reliable image of this species but Dr Renner in a thread has kindly provided a paper in which images of Luffa species are available which include an immature fruit of L. graveolens.