ID Request- 190512-PKA1: Seen this small prostrate herb near a lake at Nagpur.
Date/Time: 03-05-2012 / 07:30AM
Location: Ambazari lake, Nagpur
Plant Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild

what’s the scale? ie how large is each of these green units?
carpeting, moss like spread, not that i am suggesting the diagnosis

Looks like some species of Cyanotis they I cannot say for sure

Looks like an acanthaceae member. Possibly lepidagathis sp.

Lepidagathis species so far in efi

Lepidagathis hamiltoniana Wall. ??

I think flowers look different from images at Lepidagathis hamiltoniana Wall.

Polygonum paronychioides C.A. Mey ???

I think looks different from images at Polygonum paronychioides

Does not look like Polygonum paronychioides to me.

Reminds me of Nelsonia canescens, but not sure.

Looks different from images at Nelsonia canescens

Staurogyne glauca??, it looks stunted

Can it be a polygonaceae member?

Does not look like a Polygonaceae member to me.

It’s Polygonum

Recently discussed these Photos with … his opinion is that this is species of polygonum and plant do not show any characters of Genus Lepidagathis

May I request you for high resolution images, so that we can crack id of this Polygonum species, as suggested by …

Unfortunately I am not able to find the high resolution images as requested. Will get back to you once i trace it..

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