Cotoneaster sandakphuensis Klotz, 213 1964. (Syn: Cotoneaster microphyllus var. glacialis Cowan & Cowan);
NE-India (Mt. Singalila), Sikkim, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;





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Cotoneaster sandakphuensis G.Klotz (the holotype specimen from Sandakphu, India collected by Biswas is in the Calcutta herbarium)
Within Series Verruculosi
Known from Nepal and Sikkim.
Not included in ‘An Enumeration of the Flowering Plants of Nepal’.
The images are a combination of those taken by one of my sons, Matthew Chadwell during a short trek in Nepal at Poon Hill, Annapurna Region plus a specimen which had been grown as the Kohli Memorial Botanical Garden, UK.


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2 images of C.sandakphuensis taken for me in
Khumbu Himal, Nepal. 



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Location: Dangsing, Kaski, Nepal
Altitude:9600 ft.

Date: 18 November 2017  

Cotoneaster ??? Which one ???
Image Credit : Sameer Kasaju

Cotoneaster verruculosus Diels  ??? 

Pl. check with images at Cotoneaster encavei J.Fryer & B.Hylmö

i was trying to find a botanist or a taxonomist’s viewpoint based on a publication in an academic peer reviewed journal. so far nothing.
may be some efloras would list it. i will keep looking.
in this case i find it very interesting that the central part in first picture shows reddish coloring in leaves but upper and lower part of the same picture shows green. interesting and i wonder why?

the plant list gives this:

After recent publications, Catalogue of Life is better as it has taken into account latest publications (The Plant List has not).

I feel more closer to images by … from Nepal at Cotoneaster sandakphuensis Klotz

thank you, … will remember to look up Catalogue of life and compare from now on.

Beauty of Catalogue of Life is that it is kept updated on day to day basis, while The Plant List was based on fixed data taken in 2012 and after that none of the data in it is being changed (even though the underlying database, on which it is based, may have changed itself)

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