Primula boothii subsp. autumnalis A.J. Richards, Primula: 154 (1993);
Nepal as per POWO;

Consider it would be useful to show a prime habitat for Primula boothii susbp. autumnalis in the Annapurna regionbeside and behind waterfalls -so wet/seepage conditions amongst mosses.
Plus one shot of a clump whose flowers have started to go over- one does not always catch specimens at the peak of flowering.



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Here with a couple of photos taken by my eldest son in November in the Annapurna region of Nepal which I believe to be Primula boothii Craib subsp. autumnalis A.J Richards.
In Professor Richards book ‘Primula’ he describes this as a distinct invariably autumn-flowering form of P.boothii with large deep purple flowers with an orange eye and lacking a white zone to the flower.
This appears to be the first submission for this species.



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