Ferula assa-foetida L., Sp. Pl. 248 1753. (syn: Ferula foetida St. Lag.; Ferula hooshee Lindl.; Narthex asafoetida (L.) Falconer ex Lindl.; Peucedanum asa-foetida (L.) Baill.; Peucedanum hooshe (Lindl.) Baill.; Scorodosma assa-foetida (L.) Karst.) ?;



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This sapling was seen in a nursery in Mumbai in June 2015. It was labelled Farala asafetida.
Googling ‘hing’ revealed that it was an Apiaceae member and the leaves looked nowhere close to this.

Requested to validate if it is really Ferula assafoetida (this is the name as per Wiki).

I think does not match with images on google search

I guess label is wrong.