Chorispora sabulosa Cambess., Voy. Inde 4: 15 1841. (syn: Chorispora elegans Cambess.; Chorispora sabulosa var. eglandulosa V. Naray. ex B.D. Naithani & Uniyal; Chorispora sabulosa var. sabulosa );

Perennial herbs, scapose, about 4-16 cm tall. Root stock long, thick, inconspicuous. Stem slender, stout, branched from the base, stalked trichomes glandular, glabrous or sparsely pubescent. Basal radicle leaves in rosulate, persistent, deeply pinnatisect or pinnatifid, oblong-oblanceolate or spathulate in outline, about 20-70 x 3-10 mm across, base attentuate, margin sinuate dentate with about 3-5 lateral lobes rarely entire, apex sub-acute to obtuse, glabrous above and sparsely pubescent beneath, lateral lobes ascending from the base terminal lobe the largest, petiole ciliated, slender, about 1-4 cm long. Cauline leaves absent. Inflorescence racemes, terminal, lax, many flowered, peduncle compact when young, elongating up to 18 cm long in fruit, ebracteate. Flowers bisexual, solitary arising from the rosette, purple, yellow, showy, darker near the base of the petals, actinomorphic, about 0.8-1 cm across, pedicel erect, slender, glabrous or glandular, elongated in fruit, about 1-2 cm long, sepals 4, erect, oblong-elliptic, slightly pilose, purplish, lateral pair slightly saccate, about 3-4.5-1.5-2 mm across, petals 4, broadly obovate, base attentuate, margin entire, apex emarginated, about 7-12 x 4-6 mm across, claw strongly differentiated, about 3-5 mm long. Stamens 6, tetradynamous, filaments not dilated, about 3-5 mm long, anthers linear oblong, about 1.5-2 mm across, nectar glands 2 or 4. Ovary superior, linear bicarpellary, syncarpous, ovules 6-12, style long, stigma bilobed. Fruit articulated siliqua, indehiscent, broadly linear cylindric, tapering or beaked near the apex, breaking into 1 seeded segments or about 2-6, bilocular, glabrescent, torulose, becoming hard and splitting in the middle, about 1-1.5 x 0.2-0.22 cm across, style about 1.5-3 mm long. Seeds few to many, each in 1 locule, uniseriate, compressed, reddish brown, oblong-ovoid, not winged, not mucilaginous when soaked, about 1.3-1 mm across, cotyledons accumbent.
Along rocky slopes and dry places, altitude 3000-4500 m.
Asia: China, India: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.
(Attributions- Ganeshaiah, K. N., UAS, Bangalore, India.; Kailash, B. R., ATREE, Bangalore, India.; Royal Norwegian Embassy grants. Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN), Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, India from India Biodiversity Portal)


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Whilst looking for images of Geum elatum, came across the attached photos of Chorispora sabulosa – this Brassicaceae appears another first for eFI.
I first noticed this during a visit to Kashmir in 1985 and do recollect photographing it but not sure if have scanned in the slide yet.
It was prominent in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh when I last visited.
Flowers of Himalaya says stony slopes @ 3300-5000m from Pakistan to Himachal Pradesh, common in dry areas. There is a photo in this guide – flowers vary from pink, violet or white.
Fruit with constrictions between the seeds.
Stewart found it to be very variable and very common in wet soil in the alpine zone of Kashmir; also found in Ladakh; he recorded it from 3300-5100m.
There is a single record from Aphawat in ‘Plants of Gulmarg’ Naqshi, Singh & Koul
Flora of Lahaul-Spiti record it as frequent on alpine slopes & in glacial moraines at Chotdara they also state that var. eglandulosa Narayanswamy ex Naithani & Uniyal cannot be maintained from the type as the eglandular siliquae, upon which it is based in quite a variable character, often met within the typical variety.
Images 1 & 2 from Sach Pass, H.P.
Images 3 & 4 from Aphawat, Kashmir.
I found this crucifer, at least the white form (with yellow centres) top be a cherry sight on sunny days -though white (and yellow) flowers are hard to expose well under bright conditions.


I’d request for this species from kashmir: 1 high res. image.
Location: Sinthan top kashmir

Brassicaceae !

Chorispora macropoda Trautv.

Doesn’t resembles with Brassicaceae

Chorispora sabulosa Cambess.

Please send leaf images !

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