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Plant name: Rhynchosia viscosa (Roth)DC.,

Family: Fabaceae
Description: Woody twiners; stems glandular pubescent. Leaf 3-foliolate, petiole 5-10 cm long, terminal leaflet 5-7.5 cm long and broad, rhomboid or suborbicular; the lateral leaflets very oblique, pubescent on boths sides, gland dotted on the lower side. Flowers yellow with purple streaks, 1.5-2cm across, in 20-30 cm long axillary racemes. Calyx  campanulate, glandular pubescent. Corolla yellow, papilionoid, standard obovate, streaked red, pubescent and glandular at the back, wings and keels subequal, inflexed. Stamens (9)+1, vexillary stamen free; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile; ovules 2; style curved. Pod 2.5-3 × 0.8 cm, glandular, falcate, with persistent style; 2-seeded.
Habitat & location: Rare. Found in the hillside area. Photographed at N.Konda.


Rhynchosia for ID:
A fabaceae member, Rhynchosia sp.? collected from Tamil Nadu state in November 2011.
Please help me for the ID.

The first set is of Rhynchosia rothii, I think.

Yes first one is Rhynchosia rothii in my opinion also

Rhynchosia rothii Benth. ex Aitch.
Syn: Rhynchosia sericea Span. Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 375(265). 1918. In Gamble it is given that A climbing shrub with soft silky pubescence and long racemes of purple flowers.??
Its flower is not purple ……….

You see the fruit which is like Glycine max L.(soybean) and Cajanus, Atylosia cajanifolia as the wild relatives of PigeonPea. It is an impornt genetic resoursce already mentioned by D.C.S,Raju,et al in3-4 papers including Pigeon-Pea workshopat ICRISATattended by Raju and Thothatri
Sppecies of Rhynchofia should be studied in detail. Roth was at Madras as one of the pioneers.

Rhynchosia viscosa (Roth) DC. as per images herein.

It is Rhynchosia rothii; Rhynchosia viscosa is closely related to R.rothii, pod recurved, long tipped with base of persistant style; leaflets softly pubescent; 

Thanks, … But I find the images matching with images at Rhynchosia viscosa (Roth) DC. & not with those at Rhynchosia rothii Aitch.
Pl. reconsider.

Thanks …

The flowers (Flowers yeloow with red/ maroon streaks) and leaf look like that of Rhynchosia viscosa which is common in Nellore district and in E.ghats; but the fruit is similar to that of Rhynchosia rothii; the viscous hairs are not clear, the tip is different from R.viscosa (R.rothii has twany villous hairs on pod, flowers purple)



521 ID wild climber: 16 high res. images.
Please ID wild climber,
Location: bloomed near Vannappuram Thodupuzha Idukki Kerala INDIA
Altitude: 1500fsl
Flower date: 17DEC2023, 02.35pm
Habitat: wild moisture evergreen misty sloppy canopied alpine
Plant habit: twining climber, branches, weak warty cylindrical brownish old stem 04mm diameter, hairy young stem, annual
Height: 02 meters
Leaves: alternate trifoliate acute soft flexible, size upto: 12×6cm
Flower: axillary spike inflorescence, size:18x20mm, purplish, non fragrant
Fruit: legume green into brown hairy glossy size: 03.5×1.5cm
Seed: 02 ovoid 

Camera: CANON EOS1500D +FL10x

Rhynchosia sp. [Fabaceae]. It looks like Rhynchosia viscosa DC.

I guess the ID is correct !

Yes, it is Rhynchosia viscosa dear Viplav ji, thank you very much for ID my plant