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Herbceous twitner, stems softly pubescent. leaflets broadly ovate-elliptic 8-17 x 4-1cm, acuminate, base cuneate or rounded, often oblique, unloabed, appressed brownish pubesecent, stiples linear lanceolate 3-6mm, petioles 5-25cm, stiples lanceolate, 7-8 x 1.5-2.5mm, basifixed. Racemes (7-)25-40cm. clayx 5-6mm, shortly toothed. petals 1.3-1.5cm, blue purple but white near base, standard obovate 7mm, wings oblong, blade 9 x 2.5mm, keel oblanceolate 10 x 4mm, pods 5-8 x 0.7cm, glabrous, 4-8seeded.

Fl. June-August
Cool broad-leaved forests
(Attributions- A.C.J Grierson & D.G Long. Flora of Bhutan. Published by RBGE. 1987 from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)


SK206NOV17-2016:ID : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9)
Location: Chandragiri Hill, Nepal
Altitude:  8200 ft.
Date: 19 September 2016


possibly a Pueraria sp.

Pueraria species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)


Is it Pueraria peduncularis (Benth.) Graham ex Benth  ?
Some more images from same location on same date. Attachments (8)

Following keys in Flora of Bhutan at Pueraria and the following links, I think it is Pueraria peduncularis only:

Pueraria peduncularis (Benth.) Graham ex Benth. : 8 posts by 1 author. 8 images- 5 to 7 mb each.
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 2200m.
Habitat  : Wild


Pueraria peduncularis (Benth.) Graham ex Benth.: 1 high res. image.

Location: Phulchoki, Lalitpur, Nepal
Date: 26 August 2023
Altitude: 2700 m.
Habitat : Wild 
What is the fruit looking growth at the tip of the inflorescence ?

Maybe something like gall or something else.
I do not know.



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