Allium oreoprasum Schrenk, Bull. Sci. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Pétersbourg 10: 354 1842.;

C. Asia to W. Tibet as per WCSP;

As “light relief” from more complicated and time-consuming genera combined with the pleasure of viewing ‘habitat’ images in the mountains, I have been taking a further look at specimens photographed in Baltistan (part of which is in the Karakoram Range not the ‘Himalaya’ or ‘Trans Himalaya’).
However, in the case of Allium, the situation is not straightforward. The genus needs further study and revision in the Himalaya. 
Let me add what I currently think may be Allium oreoprasum see:
and previous image.
Flowers of Himalaya say this is found on stony slopes in Tibetan borderlands @ 2700-5000m from Pakistan to W.Nepal and C.Asia.  Recorded as common in Ladakh not that I have come across it there – in fact, I, like many others have come across few representatives of this genus there.
Stewart records this from N.Pakistan & Ladakh @ 2700-5100m.
See my previous comments about the difficulties of the genus Allium – a neglected genus.

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