Common name: Ladakh Saxifrage

I have come across this plant many times in Kashmir and also Lahaul. It is also found in Ladakh so surprised no entries before.  It is common on Aphawat.
See: and the following 5 images which show its habit well.
Flowers of Himalaya say open slopes @ 3600-5000m from Pakistan to C.Nepal; common in Ladakh and Lahaul (it is found at the top of Baralacha La).
Stewart knew it as Saxifraga flagellaris susbp. stenophylla from Kashmir @ 3300-4200m but considered the variant in Ladakh to be subspecies crassiflagellata.
Flora of Lahaul-Spiti had the specimens on Baralacha La as subspecies komarovii. They considered the form on Rohtang (which is not part of Lahaul) was subspecies mucronulata (Flowers of the Himalaya considered this only found further East along the Himalaya).
Just for good luck they also record subspecies stenophylla as frequent in alpine meadows and glacial moraines at Chotdara.
Seems strange that all 3 subspecies should be found growing so near to each other?
Dickore & Klimes list Saxifraga flagellaris subspecies crassiflagellata and stenophylla.
Clearly, there is a lot of different interpretation of the variation within Saxifraga flagellaris sensu lato.



Saxifraga stenophylla? ABAUG2017/19 : 5 posts by 2 authors.

I photographed this on my Indrahar trek last month. I apologise for the poor photo quality. I suspect this to be S. stenophylla. Please advise.

Saxifraga stenophylla?
Below Indrahar Pass, Dharamshala, HP
3800m approx.
28-29 July 2017

Thanks, … To me also appear close to images under thread at Saxifraga stenophylla 



Requested to please ID these small yellow flowers seen near Ghangria upwards on the way to VOF, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
These were different plants clicked over a distance.

… most probably, some member of Brassicaceae

All pics look like Saxifraga sp.

i am in learning mode since i got acquainted with

Brassiceae flowers are mainly 4 mer, saxifraga sp flowers would mostly be 5 mer… well, thats it

Thanks, …  Pl. check at Saxifraga 

Pl. check with images and details at Saxifraga stenophylla Royle as per comparative images at Saxifraga
To me appears close.

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