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Location: Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal
Altitude:  9200 ft.
Date: 22 April 2013
Apology in advance as this is the only image I have.

Taraxacum is SUCH a challenging genus and so poorly studied in the Himalaya that I am not in a position to speculate much. It is doubtful that a single image NOT showing close-up detail could reliably be DETERMINED by those with specialist knowledge of the genus.  IF such a person exists, then they would need to be consulted. It is always possible that certain distinctive features are visible in this image.
In the UK we tend to avoid this genus or seek help from specialists. 

Only one sp. Taraxacum eriopodum DC. is mentioned in the book Flora of Mustang.
Your opinion please !

Asteraceae family is not an easy one ..especially in Alpine plants as this one here…

It looks similar to above mentioned and T officinale 
Also the flora of mustang have not included all from that area..it needs revision …So needs some serious taxonomist to be involved…

Can we plan to visit trans-himalayan region for endemics….?

quiet interested ..have been there but could not catch them all….